Selected List of Qurra (Draw of lots)


List Of The Covers Who Selected In Waiting Qurrah

Call for More Information: + 91- 40-23298793

The Haj Qurrah, Haj Draw, for the pilgrims going to Hajj from Telangana will be held at Hajj House in Hyderabad..

Please Make Payment of first instalment of Rs. 81000/- per person

“Qurra” (Draw of lots) will be held to select pilgrims. He also said that this process would be done on11 January 2018.

- Prof. S. A. SHUKOOR


The Hon'ble Chief Minister

The Best Service for Pilgrims

Addressing the pilgrims and their family members, the Chief Minister said his government was striving hard for the welfare and development of people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Maintaining that the minorities were neglected in the budgetary allocations by the erstwhile governments in the combined state, he said that his government had decided to allocate Rs 1,000 crores in the ensuing budget for the welfare of minorities in Telangana.

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